Opening a website in Zambia

A website is an essential part of establishing an online presence for a business, organization, or individual. It serves as a virtual storefront, where people can learn about the products, services, or information provided. Opening a website in Zambia is very easy. The first thing you would need is a Zambian domain name. Usually, this domain name is a name of the company and a .co.zm at the end. The name of the company must be one word without any spaces. It is highly recommended that the name be short. This comes in handy when creating custom emails and easy memorization when sharing the address.

Zambian Domain names

Most Zambian websites use .zm. These can be bought through Data Axis Node or at ZAMNET. Companies, organizations or institutions can buy sub category of .zm such as co.zm, org.zm mil.zm whilst the actual .zm is reserved for ISPs. Once the availability of your company name is confirmed to be available, the domain can be bought and renewed every year for as long as you want to keep your website online.

Having a .zm domain can indicate the location or country of the website, which can attract targeted audiences from Zambia and the region around. This is especially beneficial for businesses or organizations that cater to Zambia and its neighboring countries.

It can also help with SEO, as search engines tend to favor websites with country-specific domain names in search results especially in Zambia. In addition, it can help establish trust and credibility with local audiences, as it demonstrates that the website is affiliated with that particular country or territory

Website Hosting in Zambia

Once you’ve managed to acquire the Zambian domain, the next part of opening a website in Zambia is to connect to the host. Your domain will only serve as your digital address. On the other hand, your host is more like a piece of land in the digital world. This is where you build your house (website), and paint it the way you would like. Simply put to branding.

Obviously, the house will have rooms (pages on your website) where you restrict or give access to various visitors. Some rooms may have file cabinets (emails) for your day to day activities. Other rooms can be stores to display your products and services to the world wide audience.

There are many companies that provide website hosting in the world. In Zambia, Data Axis Node is the most affordable hosting websites since 2018. The hosting packages starts at K25 per month. Affording many Zambians and the global citizen at large and easy start for online businesses. Give us a call and well sign you up within 24hrs.

Website Designing in Zambia

The final part of opening a website in Zambia is website designing. Website designing has become much much easier nowadays. There is no need to have coding languages skills. Literally anyone can design his or her website with drag and drop capabilities. There are a number of Content Management System (CMS) that can be used to build a website. WordPress has a market share of over 60%. At Data Axis Node we use WordPress to design websites for our clients due to various reasons such as free and open source.

Although it is easy to create a website today, not every one has the time to do that. Therefore, we do build and design websites for our clients at an affordable rate. As more and more people are getting connected to the internet in Zambia today, not having a website may be disastrous for start up and large established companies.


In conclusion, opening a website in Zambia is a simple process that involves acquiring a Zambian domain name, connecting to a website host, and designing the website using a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress. It is important for businesses, organizations, and individuals to have a website as it serves as a virtual storefront where people can learn about products, services, or information provided. With more people getting connected to the internet in Zambia, having a website is becoming increasingly important for start-ups and large established companies. Data Axis Node is a company that offers affordable website hosting and designing services in Zambia.

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