GALILE offers expertise in Trade, Business Management Consultancy, Trade, Commerce and Foreign Company Representation.
We help governments and institutions source and develop projects, finance, as well as reach optimal efficiency of operations.
We strive to become your all-time advising partner accompanying you through your business cycle streamlining your everyday operations, performance and needs in projects for optimal efficiency. We strive to bring your modern, state of the art services when it comes to project
implementation through our well experienced and highly capable international partners in specific fields like; Health facilities, Renewable Energy, Mining, Agriculture and other Investments.

Detecting frauds and counterfeit activities and facilitating the recovery of a wide range of property, mobile money thefts, stolen motor vehicles, as well as investigating and nabbing scammers, swindlers, and impersonators, among others. The Agency’s high level of success is a result of its well-organized and well-coordinated countrywide presence, collaboration with security wings, and a wide network both at local and international levels.

The Wilfra Primary School (WPS) is larger than average Primary School which includes early year foundation stage class for baby day care, preschool and grade one to seven. With high expectations and a commitment to achieve greater heights fun and enjoyment go hand in hand. We are committed in ensuring that every child achieves their full potential for we believe that every child is unique

We strive to be committed to the children we are privileged to serve, in our dedicated, talented faculty and staff. We also take pride in having the most active and helpful group of partners, visionary parents, well-wishers and friends.

Nexus Hive is an Innovation, Creative and Talent-driven Information Technology and Digital Marketing Company. We are committed to providing the most efficient solution for our clients. With a focus on Reliability, Customer Support and Teamwork.

Real Zed Music was Founded in January 2018, is a music streaming/Download and all round entertainment Blog site that delivers Zambian. The music promoters, music makers and the dreamers dream.

South Luangwa Responsible Community Project (SLRCP) is a novel local non-profit organization initiative to raise Community Awareness through practical skills development and support to the community and conservation engagement across communities leaving within the jurisdiction of these Game management Areas (GMAs).

Of interest to this Project are GMAs in the Mambwe district of Zambia, which is located in Eastern Province. With a population of nearly 100, 000 Mambwe district is made up of six chiefdoms (namely Chiefs, Jumbe Kakumbi, Msoro, Malama, Makhanya and Nsefu). Communities residing in these chiefdoms have continuously endured risky and poverty-stricken lives, where crop harvest is often destroyed in a single night by elephants.

ChuMuche Foundation is a community based organisation working with vulnerable children in our community by providing warm meals, mentorship programs as well as looking for sponsors for our back to school programs.

Absolutely cake was founded in July 2006. We have centered our business on the satisfaction of our clients and with every cake baked, push ourselves to break through to new heights. Baking is not only an art but a way to share happiness and joy. A party without cake is only just a meeting. And we are here to help you have a great time. Happiness starts here

We are a registered and affiliated non-denominational Christian institution with a passion to propel folks into their pre-ordained purpose & bringing Hope through Truth & Love.

Based in Lusaka, Zambia, a place of a true and fulfilling worship experience, set to inspire and work with believers from all walks of life and locations, across denominational barriers, to do the works of Jesus Christ, make an impact in the lives of people especially in the most vulnerable communities with the Gospel and, where needed, material support. Ministering to the spirit, soul and body.

Geonsi Engineering Ltd.’s core business encompasses Mechanical Works, Building/Construction, Electrical, General supply services, Mining Equipment Repair services etc. Our strategic notion to every approach in General dealing and our entire services is to manage transfer of technical know-how from International Market to Local.