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Verxel Arts is a video production company in Zambia. It is a VFX Studio that provides Visual Effects, 3D animation, Photography, Documentaries, Commercials, static and motion graphics designs and the list is endless. We are dedicated to planning, and creating visual and audio content for our clients and other forms of promotions.

Verxel Arts

Verxel Arts

movie making machine

Find Jobs Zambia is where people seeking for employment find the latest jobs available in Zambia and beyond. Bookmark Find Jobs Zambia for your latest opportunities in Zambia. Employers have an opportunity to post their vacancies on Find Jobs Zambia and reach out to Zambia’s labour market. This is where employers meet employers.

Find Jobs Zambia

Find Jobs Zambia

Employers meet employees

God’s Rhema Ministries believes in making disciples of All nations . Helping people discover their divine purpose and have an impact in society and the world at Large. We believe that no one is too good for Jesus and no one is too bad for Jesus Christ we all qualify by the grace of God. Salvation is a gift given by God through Faith in His one & only Son, Jesus Christ.

God's Rhema Ministries

God’s Rhema Ministries

Jesus Is Lord, Let There Be Light

Our solution also focuses on supporting young people with recreational activities, school re-enrollment, creating a safe space for girls and boys to discuss openly challenges they face as they relate to drug and substance use. Where need be, we link the children for mental health support and any other support they may need that is outside our scope.

Eagles of Change

Eagles of Change

we aspire to inspire before we expire

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