Apple has made a beautiful walled garden around its devices. These devices can easily share files, links and clipboards Therefore for linux users who would like to use such a feature on their devises such awith what is called airdrop. This is not so with Linux distros. This post shows how to use Telegram messaging app as an alternative to Airdrop for Linux users.

Just to set things clear, KDE desktop environment does offer KDE connect between desktops and android phones. But KDE apps tend to be very bulky.

It may not be ideal for those Linux users on other desktop environments such as XFCE4 or Gnome who would want to to keep their installation lean.

Other option may require you to add third party extensions on your web browser. These extensions require you to login or create an account. All that just for you to share clipboard between your computer and phone.

The installation of Telegram on the phone is what is needed to Airdrop between the Linux PC and phone. On the computer, you can use Telegram web or install Telegram Desktop. The disadvantage of using this method is that your devices need to be connected to the internet.

After the installation and activation of Telegram on the phone is done, then you will need to create a Channel.

  1. To make a channel on Telegram, you will need to tap on pencil icon at the bottom.
  1. Then New Channel
  1. Type the name of the Channel
  1. Telegram will ask to to add subscribers to your channel. Just skip with the forward arrow below.
  1. You will be given two option. Either to make your Channel Public or Private. Private Channel maybe ideal since you will be coping and pasting personal files.
  1. ‘Valaboom‘ your Channel is ready for air dropping.
  1. Open your web browser with this url web.telegram.org
  1. Follow the instruction on how to log into your Telegram on the web. Either with a QR code or phone number.

After you succesfully login, you will now be ready to share files between your Linux PC and phone.

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