Best Web hosting service in Zambia

Data Axis Node is the best web hosting service provider in Zambia. It provides the most affordable web hosting service for startups, entrepreneurs and corporate companies. If there was any other company providing such services we would not have started Data Axis Node. The best part is you can pay using mobile money in your own currency. If you provide data to put on your website we will design a free (three pages) WordPress website. The pages will be Home page, Contact us and About us. But in the long run, we would like you to take control of the website with updates such as emails, posts, pages and even design. We offer support during that period.

There are three major packages we provide for web hosting. The first is Minimum, then Standard and lastly Premium. The Minimum package is for startups who understand the value of a website and would like to get their content, products and services to be viewed countrywide and the rest of the world. At only 25 Kwacha per month, this package comes with:

  • cPanel
  • 1 Website
  • 1 Sub Domain
  • 10 Custom Emails
  • Suitable for 10,000 visits monthly
  • 40 GB Data Transfer
  • 2 GB SSD Space

cPanel empowers startups with a plethora of options and applications with softaculous ready to be installed and used depending on the desired outcome of the website. Within 12hrs a website can be up and running. The Minimum package hosts one website domain and one sub domain. Approximately suitable for 10,000 monthly visits or simply put 40 GB Data transfer. Data transfer is basically monthly bundles allocated to a website every month. They deplete every time a website loads on visitors’ devices. This package comes with 2 GB of Solid State Disk (SSD) space. 2 Gigabit of storage is about what is needed to get a website running.  It is a type of nonvolatile storage media that stores persistent data on solid-state flash memory. This is the newer technology from Hard Drives Drives (HDD) which loads faster. Startups are entitled to have 10 custom emails e.g. This will raise them from scammers, amateurs and individuals using free email services such as gmail or yahoo to professional status.

The second package is the Standard. At only 50 per month it comes:

  • cPanel
  • 1 Domain
  • 5 Sub Domain
  • 20 Custom Emails
  • Suitable for 50,000 Monthly visits
  • 60 GB Data transfer
  • 4 GB SSD Space  

This package is suitable for entrepreneurs who have outgrown their startup phase and the website itself has become crucial to its revenue generation through leads. Just like the Minimum package, entrepreneurs have the access to update their websites with new products and services. At this stage the team would have equally grown, therefore having all members with custom emails would mean that each time members send emails increases the visibility of the brand name thus marketing and advertising.

The last package is the Premium, at 100 Kwacha per month, it comes with:

  • cPanel
  • 5 Domain
  • 10 Sub Domain
  • 40 Custom Emails
  • Suitable for 100,000 Monthly visits
  • 80 GB Data transfer
  • 8 GB SSD Space

This package gives corporations flexibility to add 5 more domain names in the cpanel. For example (international HQ), (Zambia branch), (South African branch), and so on for five domains whilst paying for the same hosting. This package has an increased number of the email address, Data transfer and storage space.

But wait, what if I outgrow my Premium package? Well that is not a problem you can always contact us for more or a custom package.

In today’s technology where most people are searching for products and services online, there is no reason you don’t have a website. The most results showing up in the search turns out to be products and services sold or provided by companies outside the country. Therefore, given this opportunity to open a website and update it with products and services you provide, you have a greater chance of selling to the local Zambian market.