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We’re Moving From WhatsApp to Telegram

We’re Moving From WhatsApp to Telegram Everyone is here. You are missing out. This is a typical hype for the famous messaging app WhatsApp. However, Data Axis Node has decided to drop WhatsApp…

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Web hosting service in Zambia

Best Web hosting service in Zambia Data Axis Node is the best web hosting service provider in Zambia. It provides the most affordable web hosting service for startups, entrepreneurs and corporate companies. If…

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Internet Marketing In Zambia

Internet Marketing In Zambia Introductions Since the inception of the internet, there is a global swift towards electronic everything. The biggest retail shop that seems to have everything isn’t the one in town,…

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Libra Coin’s Potential

Libra Coin’s Potential Libra coin is basically a digital currency that is projected to roll out sometime mid 2020. It is a permissioned blockchain cryptocurrency proposed by an American social media company…

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Deciding on a domain name

Deciding on a domain name The first thing you will need, in order to create a website is the domain name. A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of…

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